Security / Encryption

Yappy takes your security and privacy very seriously. We achieve this goal through the following mechanisms:

  1. All connections with the Yappy servers are SSL 256-bit encrypted. The Yappy phone app, chrome extension, firefox add-on, desktop app, API's, etc... all must communicate with the servers via this transport encryption mechanism. Un-encrypted connection attempts are redirected and dropped. This ensures that data transferred between Yappy servers and apps are secure.
  2. Dedicated servers - Yappy uses dedicated high performance servers to store and process data. We do not used cloud services from Azure, Amazon, Google, etc..  (a few instances are available as fail-safes or in case of high traffic, but are not used as main processing instances).
  3. Yap Mode - When you send a message from any Yappy app, your phone receives a tickle to pickup the message to send. This tickle is transmitted over GCM (Google Cloud Messaging). To further increase security, we offer Yap mode - a direct connection to our datacenter which completely bypasses GCM.
  4. Yappy to Yappy messages - All messages sent over to other Yappy users using the Yappy Message function never leave Yappy's perimeter and are incredibly secure.

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