Yappy #'s

Yappy #'s are phone numbers you can use alongside your normal phone number as an extra line. Send and receive text messages with Yappy on the web, desktop, and tablet, all with the privacy and security of on demand, burnable, and temporary phone numbers!

Simply create a Yappy 
#'s, use it for as long as you want, and when you are done, toss it. Privacy, security, the convenience of Yappy, with no long term commitments! 

Some ideas of how Yappy #'s can be used:

Why give out your real phone # to that blind date? Create and use a Yappy number to secure your privacy. If the date goes sour, just throw away the number and move on!

Providing a text number when selling on Craigslist can greatly help help get your item sold, but it also compromises your privacy. A Yappy Number allows you to create and use a number just for your Craigslist posts!

Two Factor Authentications
Two factor authentication works great except when your phone also gets stolen. A Yappy number allows you to still receive the test codes without needing your phone to get into your account.

Are you a business and want reliable, always on texting but don't want to rely on your phone with Yappy? A Yappy Number is always on, always working, regardless of your phone's state.

Yappy numbers are automatically invoiced once you sign up. Try it free for 3 days. Simply pay the invoice to continue using the number. If you fail to pay, the invoice will be cancelled and the number will be automatically removed from your account.

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