Balance battery drain vs speed/availability

Yappy, by default, is configured to provide the highest up-time/availability and speed. Depending on your usage patterns and needs, you can toggle several settings in the Yappy app on your phone to fine tune it to your needs.

Settings -> Messenger -> Auto Sync in Background
If you do not use Yappy as a messenger on your phone, turn off background sync to save battery.

Settings -> Messenger -> Enable Yappy Messenger
If you do not wish to send Yappy to Yappy messages to your other contacts, simply disable the Yappy Messenger option altogether to save battery.

Settings -> Advanced -> Ping Network
Android utilizes GCM (google cloud messaging) to communicate with your phone. When we send a request for your phone to send a text, it is re-routed through this mechanism (unless Yap mode is on). On most phones, the connectivity between your phone and GCM eventually times out and requests are queued on Google until your phone reconnect. The ping network option forces your phone to maintain this connectivity with the network.

You can turn this off to reduce battery drain but may experience delays in sending messages from Yappy.

Settings -> Sync -> Sync Notifications
Simply disable notifications sync to reduce battery drain. Notification you see on your phone will not pop-up in the chrome extension or on Yappy.IM For more information, please see

Settings -> Sync -> Auto Yap Mode
On certain Android OS versions, there is a bug which prevents GCM from communicating with your phone when over Wi-Fi. Auto Yap Mode turns on Yap Mode when there is a Wi-Fi issue detected. Turn this off to save battery. For more info please see

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