How to connect via XMPP (Jabber)

To connect to Yappy via XMPP (Jabber), first download your favorite XMPP client such as Pidgin Trillian and and others

Below as instructions on how to connect via Pidgin, the same information applies to other clients.
  1. Navigate to the settings tab on Yappy or click here
  2. Click the "Enable XMPP client integration" checkbox to be given your login/password for the currently selected phone on your account
  3. Open up Pidgin
  4. In Pidgin, click accounts -> Manage Accounts
  5. Click Add
  6. Set the protocol as XMPP, username as provided, password as provided, domain as ''
  7. Click on the advanced tab and change the connect server and file transfer proxies to '' and ensure connection security is set to 'require encryption'
  8. If asked to accept the self-signed certificate from, click Accept
When you receive a new SMSmessage, you will receive a chat from [PhoneNumber]

Reply to this message to SMS back or send a new message to [PhoneNumber] to send an SMS

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