Yap Mode (Secure VPN)

By default, without Yap Mode on, we use the Google Communication mechanisms every other app uses to send a command to your phone to send a text message. The Google infrastructure used to send this command to your phone is completely out of our control, free to use, and prone to slowdown depending on the Google server loads.

Sometimes sending occurs immediately when Google's servers are not experiencing load, other times it takes a few minutes under peak load (we have users who report the messages never make it through). If your phone goes to sleep to save battery, the message can take a very long time to reach it (depending on when your phone wakes up and checks the message queue). The speed at which the command reaches your phone under these circumstances are completely out of our control.

Since a lot of our users need to have immediate sending of messages under specific circumstances, we created Yap Mode as a premium, differentiating feature which bypasses the free Google infrastructure and connects directly to our dedicated high performance servers.

Yap Mode creates a persistent connection to our servers so it does drain a bit more battery as your devices can not fully go into sleep mode. We recommend Yap Mode be turned on when you are plugged-in and preferably connected to WiFi (at the office, home school, etc..) but it can be turned on anytime you need it. Users with modern phones don't experience much battery drain at all, but you should test this on your phone to determine if it's something you can keep turned on most of the day.

Yap Mode offers you the flexibility to enable immediate sending/receiving at the cost of some battery life. Note: Yap Mode is a Pro only feature - we offer free 7 day trial subscriptions if you'd like to try this feature out.

To turn on Yap Mode:
  1. Go to settings on the Yappy app on your phone and turn on Yap Mode
  2. Or on the website, click Yap Mode in the header 
  3. Or if you have the Yappy widget on your home screen on your Android phone, tap on it to turn on

Yap mode can be compared to a secure always on VPN (when turned on), vs GCM which is a device push mechanism.

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